Water Well Drilling

Planning your new water well

There are many things to consider when planning your new well. 

The amount and quality of groundwater in an area can depend on yearly rainfall, geologic conditions, topography, distance to nearby wells and surface water supply. SOWW keeps a database of well logs to research information about wells in your area. You can also learn about the quantity and quality of well water from talking with us.  We can help estimate well depth, yield and cost, and should be consulted for any planned construction.

Well Location Checklist

Distances to consider based on Oregon code:

  • 5ft from a permanent structure or the roof, eaves or overhangs of a permanent structure. This includes decks or other additions to the structure that may hinder the ability of a drilling machine to get over the well. This does not include pump houses or other outbuildings that are easily moved.
  • 50ft from septic tanks.
  • 50ft from closed sewage, or storm drainage systems.
  • 100ft from sewage disposal areas (drain fields).
  • 100ft from neighboring wells to reduce the possibility of hydraulic interference.
  • Casing Shall extend 12 inches above finished grade and ground should sloped away from well.

Other Considerations

  • Space requirements for equipment during and after construction 
  • Location from nearest power

We Can Help

  • Approximate the depth of your new well based on information available for your area.
  • Estimate flow rates based on other wells in the area.
  • Estimated cost for drilling and water system installation.

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  • Dewatering
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Mining
  • Pilings
  • Custom Grouting & Sealing 

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